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New "Obsidian Evolves" Trailer (GT)

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No! Swedish accent! Girls were falling all over themselves in the US when I laid on my accent. He's a ladies man, remember?!




Bork, borke, bork! I've heard that the Swedish chef is going to be some kind of boss character, though, so the chance of MT also having that accent is slim to none.


A British accent would be too clich

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In other news, the nade toss in this trailer is becoming iconic on GT, both in the way it oddly bounces around and also because the enemy AI doesn't dive out of the way.


There's a shot in one of the recent trailers of an AI attempting to dive away from a grenade. We're tweaking it a bit at the moment - for a while now the AI has been, if anything, a little too good at diving away from grenades.

Matthew Rorie

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