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So what with Empire: Total War's AI wearing out my fun and half my game CDs back at home, I checked out the local game store and picked up a Gothic compendium (Gothic 1, Gothic 2 Gold, Gothic 3) and Assassin's Creed for 70NZD (~40USD). I really only wanted the former, but it was a mix & match deal, so I decided, why not.


Assassin's Creed I remember the last time we discussed it here, consensus being that speed past the filler, and the assassination stuff is quite fun. Looking forward to that. But what do I do with Gothic (mkreku)? I'm thinking I might try Gothic 2 first, and wait till I can download the big patches and such for G3 when I go home. Or should I be starting with Gothic 1? Is it worth it?


Really what I wanted was to re-buy Thief 2, but they don't sell it anymore. ;)

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I know the feeling and I think I can safely say that everyone has, at some point, made at least one impulse buy (and, no, I am not talking about the Stardock service).

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My impulse buys include Vampire: The Masquerade, Lego Star Wars, Hitman: Blood Money and Indigo Prophecy. I was only satisfied with the third, actually. ;)

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It ran really chuggy and the dialogue lagged, there were a lot of bugs and I didn't like the clunky actiony combat. The story seemed promising, but I had to stop soon after the haunted hotel place.

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It's on my list, but somehow it just hasn't endeared itself to me. Sort of like Deus Ex, which turned out to be pretty good when I did try.


But my sweet impulse buys Gothic / Assassin's Creed must come first.

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It doesn't really matter which Gothic you play first, since they're all pretty disconnected and the tutorial in the beginning explains how you ended up in the situation you are in in every game. But if you want to follow the story of the friends you're surrounded with, Gothic is the natural place to start. You have the same gang with you from game one to three, although in Gothic 3 they become pretty shallow unfortunately. I blame it on Piranha Bytes not having enough time to finish the game (the standard excuse). If you're going to play Gothic 3, you HAVE to remember to install Community Patch 1.7! It's a completely different (much better!) game with it installed. I am playing it now and I am amazed at how good it has become.




It's big but definitely worth it.


The best part of the series is Gothic 2 Gold, but beware: it's dead difficult. You CAN screw up your character so badly that you'll never be able to finish the game without cheating! You have to remember that one character can't do it all and not try to become a jack-of-all-trades. And pump a lot of points into hitpoints :p


If you're starting with Gothic, beware of the controls. The game was originally intended to be keyboard only but they implemented mouse controls as an afterthought. It takes a while to learn them, but if you stick with it, they'll feel natural after only a short while. Also, expect crashes in Gothic, even after the final patch. The game is not stable. Save often. It's a fantastic game anyhow though.


By the way, I bought that Gothic Universe pack myself.. which means I have bought Gothic 2 three times, Gothic 3 two times and Gothic two times.. I'm a stupid fanboy.

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I will impulse buy something today. Update coming later.

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I got through the tutorial. The game looks very nice, and I was impressed by the number of people in town and how good the villages feel. As expected the sci-fi crap was horrible, but I can block it out since it doesn't really intrude with the real game (yet). The control schemes are silly though, why do you need to press two buttons to JUMP? It would work well for consoles I think (the tutorials still refer to "Button 1" of your Mouse). I couldnt figure out how to open the door, so I quit for now.


Looks like nice animations, nice art, some fun to be had with assassinations, but lacking the depth of Thief. We'll see though. Installing Gothic 2 now.

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The other day I had an impulse for a baseball game, so I bought Out of the Park on Steam. That was fun, but it didn't really satisfy the itch. So I justified selling my 360 and buying a PS3, and then bought MLB 09 The Show. THAT is an impulse buy! It's been worth it.



I also bought a car last month. I went in just to look at them and ended up driving off the lot.


I also bought an RV this summer. We got a card offering $20 just to come in and look at them, so we figured why not? We didn't buy that day, but a week later we were back in there buying it.

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I am pretty much a strictly impulse buyer... odd I know. But for the most part I tend to have no real idea what I want when I walk into a store, just the need to get something to kill time with. It's how I've ended up with the majority of my video games over the years, as well as the last two consoles I've bought, and my latest computer (though that was more out of frustration at my previous computer's case of randomly failing to recognize the Hard Drive).

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