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No great revelation. No great secret.

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Sion: Why did you return?

Kreia: Because now I understand why the Exile did what she did.


Kreia: And that is what I sought to understand. How one could turn away from such power, give up the Force... and still live. But I see what happened now. It is because you were... afraid.


(quotes were from memory)


What I'm wondering is...


1. How exactly did Kreia mean that, that the Exile did that out of fear? Everything else seems to point out she considered it a sign of strength, that the Exile was able to give up the Force where others were unable to do so. How does the meeting with the Council suddenly convince her that the Exile acted out of fear?


2. Why is this being played upon as a big thing, as if it told Kreia something important she needed to know so she could go ahead with her plans?

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I figure she expected the Exile to stand up against the masters herself. When she didn't, Kreia fell to the dark side, and when the Exile bested her at Malachor she had proof that her teaching had made the Exile strong, stronger than her. And that is what Kreia means at the end, when she says the Exile has saved her.

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She was under the impression that the exile cut her/himself off from the force out of free will, but the Exile was forced by the destruction of Malachor V, and thus... had no other choice but to sever the link or die.




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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She was under the impression that the exile cut her/himself off from the force out of free will, but the Exile was forced by the destruction of Malachor V, and thus... had no other choice but to sever the link or die.


Something the 3 Old Men couldn't do, as mentioned when they're totally absent of the Force and totally lifeless.



What's interesting is that for some odd reason they wait until then to explain why she was cut off from the Force. Earlier, they mentioned that they didn't do it, and the Disciple mentioned that the Exile may have cut herself off from the Force, though he didn't know why (though, to be honest, for all the bad rep he gets, he does provide some interesting perspectives). For that matter, I don't think the 3 Old Men knew either upon their respective planets, so I do wonder when they all arrived at that conlusion, if that assumption is true.



And as for why the Exile was still special after Dantooine, well, there was still her other concerns - including Nihilus, who was on his way to Telos thanks to Colonel Tobin.


One core element to Kreia's motivations was how the Jedi believe that the Force guides everyone. The Exile has no Force-Sensitivity, so how can the Force guide her? It's a Predestination vs. Free Will phenomenon. If the Exile can disconnect herself from the Force, and therefore be guided by free will, why can't everyone else be guided by free will instead of destiny (the Force)? Why can't people make their own decisions instead of blindly following dogma to the letter. What's one difference between your party members and the Jedi Masters? I'll let someone else pick that one up.


And there was no "great revelation" because there were a bunch of little ones.



And you could make the argument that instead of KOTOR II: The Sith Lords, it should have been KOTOR II: Exile.


I might say more later, but the second half of the Sugar Bowl is here.




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