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Suggestions for NWN2 NX3

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Unless Storm of Zehir is amazing I wouldn't be too fussed about a new NWN2 Expansion.


The core engine is just too clunky and, while I prefer the full party control over NWN, the limitations of the camera make the tactical combat a shallow replica of the IE engine games.


I wouldn't be suprised if we see a 4th Edition game announced at some stage, likely it will either be BG3 or NWN3...

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I think that the possibility of a NX3 or NWN3 is slim at best, but atleast higher than Guard Dog's wonderfully utopian game.


I don't know if you or Mr. Insomniac had seen this: http://www.planescapetrilogy.com/


I got all excited over CODI too an nothing came of it. So I try not to get excited over this to avoid that heartbreak again.

I remember seeing this, yep, but thanks for the link :shifty: ... Purgatorio looks promising, and if/when it is released I'll definitely give it a closer look.... if i'm finished with Fallout 3 by then, heh.

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I guess I don't really know what I want from NX3 because almost everything on my wishlist is happening with SoZ.


So I need to really see how that works out and if it's as good as I think it's going to be, then my wishlist is simply going to be 'more like that', ie another old school adventure perhaps in a different setting. Like the Spine of the World perhaps..

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Yup, it's hard to say before one gets to experience SoZ... But, well, a fresh setting (within the Realms, of course - there's no chance an NWN game takes us elsewhere, and I have no problem with that). I wouldn't mind an adventure set in Icewind Dale, for instance (now that Spine of the World was mentioned). But really, anything we haven't seen. I like it how Obsidian went with Chult/Yan-ti/snake-themed interiors/etc. with NX2. Some new "sets" like that for the builders!


I won't be surprised if there's no NX3, but I also won't be surprised if there is. NWN2 still seems to have loads of content in the pipeline. There's NX2, the adventure pack(s, I presume), and community projects like Purgatorio (perhaps those guys, too, are working on some commercial content..?). If NX2 seems to sell well, it might make sense to come up with one more expansion.


As for the 4th edition, the devs have said, in an interview, that the 4th ed. ruins of Neverwinter would provide a nice setting. Or one of them has. Did Obsidian make a 4th edition game in the near future, could that be based on NWN2? Or are the changes in the editions such that a wholly new game would be needed? (Just wondering if we might get an "upgrade" of sorts to NWN2 - not just an expansion, but also not a wholly new game, really. Probably that's unlikely in the extreme.)


Hoping to see some NWN-style goodness (A D&D game, set in the Realms, and with a toolset) from Obsidian in the future, in any case! :thumbsup:



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Don't forget The Black Hound... I know though that we are still very far from getting this module...


Josh isn't going to start it until there are no more XPs in development. The last two posts I remember seeing from him about it were "I'm waiting for Mask of the Betrayer so I can use some of the improvements it adds" and "I'm waiting for Storm of Zehir so I can use some of the improvements it adds"

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Seems the funds for the expansion keeps getting smaller with every each. A dev diary stated that SoZ's funding was far smaller than MoTB's which results in an even smaller team.


I'm not sure what further can be done with a much smaller team which patches itself cannot solve.


I think it may be a good time to start thinking ahead for NWN3 instead, which involves an engine that could properly cater overland maps and also a much more responsive combat system that NWN2 may never be able to fix and an engine that supports today's technology like multi-threading for logic execution purposes.


Man. Even Alexander Brandon said in the diary that NWN2's engine is soooooo old being six years that he's surprised the team managed to create new content like SoZ for it.

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I guess if there's a third expansion, it's already in production, yes? I hope so. I think too much energy is expended making new engines and getting them to work, energy that could be better spent creating memorable content.

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Then remove those wannabe snake men, and silly orcs. Not to mention a few of the pansy treehuggers. More dwarves, less others!


Make a shield dwarf and give him a green beard. There's your jungle dwarf.

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1) There is NO WAY *IF* a NX3 is released it will be changed to use 4th ED rules. (Why do people even think this??)

2) The odds of a NX3 are quite low. Though this is dependent on SoZ sales and Atari.

3) The budget for SoZ was FAR less than MotB, thus if there is a NX3, expect the same budget. Do not expect MotB II.


I personally would love to see 1 more expansion. I loved SoZ.

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