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I'm on my second playthrough of this game. During my first I didn't take advantage of the ability to convert Handmaiden, Atton, Bao-Dur, and Mira to Jedi. I decided to play through again with an "unlock it all" attitude. So, I've managed to convert everyone over to their Jedi classes but I'm coming up short on Lightsabers for them all :sorcerer: .


So far I've completed Dantoine, Nar Shadda, and Goto's yacht and all I have to show for sabers is the one I created with Bao-Dur, a single bladed one that I got from Vrook, and a short saber that I got randomly. I recall from KOTOR 1 that by the end of my first world I had at least 2 of all the different styles.


Have I just been unlucky (I've read that loot in this game is highly randomized) or have I missed a cache somewhere?


Note: Until I acquired Visas I didn't have anyone in the party with decent security skills so I was forced to bash a lot of containers and ended up with broken items. Any chance that I potentially broke some sabers?


Ty in advance.

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You probably haven't missed any. You don't get one until you've found all the pieces, which takes you most of the way through the first planet. You get a saber with each master. There's one in Freedon Nadd's tomb. And the rest are just random drops... but you don't start getting them as random drops until after you manage to create yours... usually.


It sounds like you may have missed one when talking to Zez Kai El, but that would be an odd thing for the game to get buggy over. Though I have had trouble getting one from Vash a time or two.

Anybody here catch that? All I understood was 'very'.

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Unlike KotOR where you ended up finding loads of lightsabers and very few jedi npcs, in TSL it's quite the opposite. After completing some quests (apart from dealing with the Jedi Masters) you will be given at random a short, single or double-bladed lightsaber. In Nar Shadaa for example, after clearing the path for the woman in the refugee camp to reunite with her husband and you talk to them, they give you a saber in gratitude. In any case, there are far fewer sabers to be found in TSL than in KotOR. Heck, even the Sith Assassins don't seem to have any!


If you don't mind cheating, you could always use KSE (a save editor) or the console commands, to add sabers to your inventory.

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