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Crash at the Beginning (PC)


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I've had both KOTOR and KOTOR II for a while, and KOTOR I was a great game!

However, my PC Isnt all too new, and had problems with running KOTOR I on high settings (although it went well at lower settings). Now that i'm ready to start off at KOTOR II i have a problem, though!

After the Character Creation, i get a crash after loading the first scene, the screen going black as soon as the loading hit's 100%.


Now, I suspect this happends because my PC is a bit old (been comparing with the System Requirements),

but it ran KOTOR I, so I had hoped there was some workaround to skip the first scene (as hopefully, the gameplay will run ok at the lowest settings). If there's no workaround, perhaps it'd be possible to get a savegame from somewhere that's made right after the opening scene?


Any help / tips would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:


EDIT: I run this at Windows XP, not Vista, if that helps.

My PC is a Laptop that runs at Intel Cards.

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The mod to skip the opening seems like a good idea, know the name of any of these?

If it's the Skip Peragus mod's, I doubt it'll work, as I need to be able to finish the opening sequence to access them anyways :)

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