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Force Scream? how?

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Hey folks!


On two different PCs we are having trouble activating the Jedi power "Force Scream". I cannot see where to click to use it. Is it in the list with "Power Attack" and "Flurry" etc? If so i cannot see it.


please... how do i get this one to work?

The only thing i think these PCs have in common is the patch which i got from GameArena that patched it up to 1.0b

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oooh! one thing i just thought of:


does Force Scream affect droids?

It doesnt say that it doesnt, but i was only testing it at the early parts (having not even got past the first level). I was partly going on the word of someone else who plays here and partly my own test.

SO... it doesnt affect druids, right?


Thanks! Hoping i got it right now.

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I didn't like that restriction, Darth Vader destroys machines and everything around him with Force Scream, so I changed the spells table to have it work on droids too. You get Force Scream pretty early in the game, I use it on Peragus, it's one of my favorite Force powers.

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