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Error report crash Issue

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I'll start with my comp info


AMD 64 x2 2 GB RAM

Win XP Sp2

Vid: Sapphire Radeon HD 3650 AGP DDR 2

Driver Cat: 8.45

Sound SB Audigy 1 Plat.


I cannot play the game. When I click game, I get an error report. After checking with the game's system scan it seems that KOTOR 2 does not like my video card. It come up as yellow. I can play the game if I don't patch it, but it simply crashes as soon as I get off Peragus and activate the Visas cut scene. I'm not exactly sure what to do from here.

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That is ANOTHER executable error (this is the third one I've posted on in two days). If your game runs without the patch then don't use it (depending on what version/update you've gone from it doesn't do THAT much anyway). Back to your main issue the only real fix you can do is replay through and hopefully avoid the executable error you could try disabling videos just for that scene and see if that helps (do this from the configure menu) videos in my experience seem to be the main cause of crashes in KotOR.

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The videos do seem to cause the main issue with crashes, but I've also noticed that any change in screen resolution also caused a crash. I tried using my laptop to play TSL and ended up with a fatal error right after the Peragus video. That even happened after I disabled videos. My laptop is using an ATI 9600 with Catalyst 8. I'm holding out hope that someone will patch the game and fix the video card issues. Thanks for the input!

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