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Stuck in Nar Shadaa

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Hey everyone. I'm kind of new to the forums but i have a really annoying problem and was hoping I could get some advice.


I have done EVERYTHING there is to do on Nar Shadaa. Everything, you name it. From killing Saquesh to killing the Red Eclipse members to paying the bat thing 2k credits, and I cannot get the exchange meeting to trigger.


The main thing that scares me is that I was doing the quest to remove one of the merchants on the refugee landing pad map (I chose Geeda, for the silver crystal later on) and so I removed Oondar (?) the other male alien. After he left, i noticed that there was an unexplored area right behind a closed door. I went to check it out, and walked in on a bunch of thugs who killed a twi'lek male. The boss says "Leave no survivors" or something like then, and then they proceed to attack me. While i am killing them, I see Attons face pop up for less than half a second, and I briefly notice the dialogue box in the bottom of the screen (the words are there and then gone so fast I cannot read them). The message was to my belief, the quest that Atton says "I just got a message via comlink, we need to head back to the Ebon hawk now." Which is the trigger to the exchange meeting. But since this has happened, i cannot trigger the exchange. I am worried that i cannot advance, which would be really frustrating.


Please help me! I dont want to restart again!! (Just finished a DS Sith Lord)


The other thing is that I am playing on my Xbox 360, so I can download no mods to help this problem.

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This is the most common bug (from what I've seen on these boards). 1st off, do you have any kind of earlier save? Because I'd try loading that. Also, you could always try bribing the little bat dude standing outside of the cantina if you've got 2,ooo credits to spare.


But, yeah, this has happened to me before, and all you've got to do is re-load. :wowey:

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