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Whao Wait am I not supposed to be able to do this?

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From various reading everywhere on the internet I have concluded these things about turning party members to Jedi.


1. Can't train droids (Well of course lol)


2. Can't Train Mandalore/Canderous (That would be...... erm strange)


3. Can't Train Kreia (BIG DUH)


4. Can't train Bao-Dur (WAIT WHAT? I.. did it)


Am I reading false information on Bao-Dur because I trained him to become a Jedi Guardian... No lies. He kind of sucked worse as a Jedi but... well I did that as well as every other party member.

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Kreia and Visas are already Jedi. The droids, wookies and Mandalore are not jedi material. The rest is.

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I have no idea why anyone would've posted that you can't train Bao-dur...still, yes Bao-dur is definately trainable.


You just have to be more...watchful I guess is the word I'd use, when you're trying to train him in the TSLRP.

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Yes I'm pretty sure you can train Bao-Dur. But I trained him to try to be a Sentinel (I forgot but I'm pretty sure he didn't and I took him out of my party).


Bao-Dur has good skills.


Bao-Dur can only be trained to be a jedi guardian. In fact, the jedi classes of all the "jedifiable" companions in TSL are completely set - they can all be only what they being as or one pre-fixed jedi class for those than can be trained. Only the exile has freedom of choice in classes in TSL.

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Bao-Dur isnt as strong as the other jedi because hes still a technichian. As helpfull as he his id take Atton any day, he's far more reliable. Atton+Me(Lightside Tank)+Kreia(Super heal) is Epic Win. I mean I can stack like 20 dots on myself...

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