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NEW to the PC version: What is The Sith Lords Restoration Project?

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I bought an Xbox 360 which the backwards compatibility with the KOTOR games is absolutely horrible.


1. Your frames will randomly die for 5 minuntes, not allowing you to play.

2. You will have extremely complicated moving bugs. You will glitch then jump like 80 ft from your position.

3. Audio in some areas/menus sounds like someone is playing Hard Rock in a blown out speaker at max volume and hurts your ears.

4. Audio lags out



I ordered KOTOR II: TSL for the PC to avoid these major issues.


After seeing various references to the Sith Lords Restoration project I'm beginning to wonder what it is.


Is it a group of fans restoring cut content to the game?


If so do they have a website I can visit? Maybe if they need a hand I can lend it.


---Albion72, Thanks in advance.

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Hi Albion,


The Sith Lords Restoration Project (TSLRP) can be found at www.team-gizka.org, that's where you'll find all relevant material plus forums. The team is all set though, so no-one else is going to brought into the team or testers. Hopefully the project will be completed soon though. :)

TSLRP Closed Beta Tester

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I concur. WAY less problems for me on my PC. :ermm: The audio on my 360 was the WORST. Random loud bursts of scary noises blew my speakers, I think.

And I thought I was the only one that experienced this issue. :)


This was the worst problem for me. I hated that stupid sound that would just happen every now and then and it was like this horrible crackling effect and a loud "beep" or "boop", sorta like T3.


Scared the crap outta me.

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