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Onderon riot glitch

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Every time Ponlar starts the riot my charchter uses force storm to hit all target but as soon as i do it everyone dissapears but ponlar is dead on the ground and i gain no exp.So i thought maybe its the force power messing up the game so i used my lightsaber on everyone but right when i kill the first riot person they all dissapear and ponlar is dead giving me no exp.I have tried this with a dark and light charchter but no dice.


Any suggestions?

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Hmm. Odd bug, haven't encountered it, but a few general suggestions:


Reload, though I suspect you've done that countless times.


Reload, exit the area, then reenter to see if that changes anything.


Otherwise... it's not that much XP, and it certainly isn't gamebreaking. ;)

I'd go with 2d3, 3d6, 1/2d7, 1d10, 14d12, 8d20, 13 quarters, and a groundhog.


I'm not sure if you'll need all that, but if you figured out a system from it, it would be the greatest in the world.

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