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Swoop Racing in Onderon

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Are you playing the pc version or the xbox?


Not sure if your game is bugged, but I've always found the Onderon swoop race challenging, and I think it's supposed to be. But yes, it does jump pretty high.


I don't think I've ever won it using the keys only (I play the pc version), but only when I got around to using my trackball and memorizing the course. Even then it takes practice.

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You can always try tricking the game into thinking you've won.

During the race get right in front of an object (as close as posible)(at any speed) and press the forfit button (Xbox-White) and (PC-not quite sure yet). You should run into an object and bounce off ending the race and winning it if done correctly.

Always knowing the answer doesn't make you smart, but being able to discover the answer does.

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Worth only money and perhaps a few xp (not sure). Not missing out on anything if you skip it, though. There is little or no need for money in TSL, and you can easily get the same xp in other ways, so it's only important if you absolutely must turn every little the stone the game has. I happen to be one those people, though :(

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