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Quick tech problem.

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Right, so I finally snagged a PC veresion of TSL in preparation for the Restoration Project, and installed it on my computer. Installation went off without a hitch, so I went online and manually downloaded the patch, and installed that.


Problem is, now when I try to play it, I click the shortcut, and the menu pops up just fine. I click "Game," hoping to play, but then it doesn't register that I have the play CD in, which I do.


Says, "Please remove disk from current CD/DVD Drive and insert original disc in another drive?:."


Did a system scan to see if I could run it, and everything passed... 'cept my graphics card, but that earned a "yellow" indicating I could play it on minimum graphics. Running Vista, if that is any help.


Thanks in advance for any and all help, however. o:)


Edit: Could it be that I downloaded the wrong patch? The one I found was located Here. If this is the case, a link to the correct patch would be appreciated.

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I'd go with 2d3, 3d6, 1/2d7, 1d10, 14d12, 8d20, 13 quarters, and a groundhog.


I'm not sure if you'll need all that, but if you figured out a system from it, it would be the greatest in the world.

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I have not had this problem but if I remember correctly it is a SecuROM issue so you might want to try there website. I just said screw the CD and got a no CD crack (I own both of the games and have there Cd's if needed) so I'm evil get over it. lol . Nightshade might know where the answer is. Sorry i cant help any further.

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Ok, the first thing you should try is what mkg recommended and make sure you have the correct version of SecuROM - I believe that their technical support has been very good about helping gamers in your situation.

"Geez. It's like we lost some sort of bet and ended up saddled with a bunch of terrible new posters on this forum."




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