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Why does Kotor2 only start in widescreen resolutions?

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Ok, I seem to have a rather strange problem. It seems I can only play the game in widescreen resolutions, but since I have 4:3 monitor, I'd like to play it in standard 4:3 resolutions instead. The resolution area in the "configuration utility" is blank and I can't select it. And the only refreshrate I can select is 60. Here's a screenshot of it.


The in-game resolution selection box is also blank i.e. there are no resolutions to select from.

All the drivers are up to date. Here's the swinfo.txt: http://hot.ee/aow/swinfo.txt


When I played KOTOR1, The "configuration utility" window was exactly the same, as was the in-game resolution selection box, but in KOTOR1 I changed the resolution/refreshrate from the ini file and it worked perfectly. But for some reason it doesn't work for KOTOR2. If I insert lets say 1600x1200, the game starts in 1400x1050, and if I insert 1024x768, then the game starts in 800x480. :(


Any help would be highly appreciated! >_<

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How's your video drivers? If that's not it, maybe it's caused by the Catalyst graphics suite forcing that aspect.


Nope, the drivers are good. All other games run fine, including Kotor1. I also tried reinstalling the game and running the unpatched game, but the problem still occurs.



If I insert the same resolution/refreshrate as I do for Kotor1 (1024x768 @ 150Hz), then the game runs like this:




It's in 848x480 and part of the screen is just cut off for some reason....



And if I try running it in 1600x1200, it goes like this:





However while running in 1600x1200 and with the FullScreen=0 instead of FullScreen=1, it still is in fullscreen, but runs at 1400x1050 in a small box (without using up all of the screen:








Has anyone ever had this weird problem before? -_-

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w00t, problem solved!


You were right, actually! I had used a program called RefreshForce a long time ago to force the refresh rates of certain resolutions, so I ran it again and disabled all the forced refresh rates. After I did that, the in-game resolution selection box was no longer blank, however the highest refresh rates I could select was only 85Hz, so instead of RefreshForce I used ATI Tray Tools for forcing the refresh rate to 150Hz and it worked perfectly! Both the resolution and the refresh rate are correct now.


I hope this will be of some help to someone, should they come across the same problem. :)

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