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I need help Running SWKOTOR2 (pc)

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OK I will tell u a better way that will be more helpful to us.


1. Click on your Start menu

2. Click run

3. Type dxdiag

4. Press enter

5. A message will say it could crash your computer (it wont don't worry) click ok

6. DirectX diagnostic tool will pop up

7. Write down the OS (operating system)

8.Write down the CPU (under processor) and Memory.

9. Now click on the Display tab

10. Write down the name of the GPU (under the device part)

11. Also write down where is says drivers the driver date.


This is mine.

OS: Microsoft Vista Home Premuim SP1

CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo T7200

Memory: 2046

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce go 7900 GS

Driver date: 4/22/2008

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OS: Microsoft Windows Xp Proffesional

System Model: Noblis

Processor: Intel® Pentium ® 4 CPI 3.20GHz ( 2 cpus

Memory: 1006mb

DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c

Chip Type: Intel ® Graphics Controller

Driver: Intel ® Extreme Graphics 2 ( i have a good one) a can run Guild Wars

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Does the game actually run?


Instead of doing that, run Kotor via the CD,


Go to "Configure"

Click "Scan Hardware"


Once the test is done, save the results and post them here, those will give us a much better idea about how Kotor grades your system.


Also, what resolution is your PC set at? And is your version of Kotor up to date?

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I see two problems right away... not sure what the fix is though :(


It doesn't like dual core processors (there is a workaround for that) and I am pretty sure that intel gfx processors are very bad for it.

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