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Graphics Glitch

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Hello I have searched all over the net for an answer to this problem but haven't seen anyone even MENTION it before so maybe I'm the only one?


On both KOTOR and KOTOR2 the graphics behind the menus, loading screens, automap, map, and so on are garbled. The image is there it's just like someone has sliced it up and rearranged the pieces. The rest of the graphics are completely fine... no texture bugs or anything. Technically the game is still playable but it makes levelling extremely difficult because I can not read the text descriptions of feats and having to memorize every area in both games because the map is useless is also annoying.


It may be because my video card is simply too new? I have a GeForce 9600 GT and Intel Core2Duo.


Also I know this isn't the forum for this because Obsidian didn't make the first game but I figured I'd ask as I'm sure most of you have played KOTOR before... anyone else run into an issue where after combat your character freezes? Everything else works fine but the character simply WILL NOT MOVE no matter what. I've tried loading older games, starting over, etc. The weird part is combat works perfectly fine for half of the Endar Spire and then once I get into the Starboard Section I get the freezing problems in the very first combat. I've even tried skipping that combat and running to the next room and after fighting there I still get frozen. I've read on other forums that setting the game to run as single core might help but I've already done that.


Any help with either issue is appreciated.

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