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Mical (Disciple)

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  • 6 months later...

You have to be dark sided to do it: it's what sparks the dialog option - his comment on your "rotted" appearence.


To answer questions about the file:


I posted this thread months ago, to which I was lucky enough to get a response from LadyCrimson about the mod. At the time I was a little too stupid to know that it isn't really right to distribute mods on a larger scale if you don't have permission from the author. Well, I learned quite a bit about modding since then, and I've decided that I don't feel right giving to out to people (especially to people I don't know, when the file doesn't even come with a readme, and thus, I really have no idea who made it). LC gave the mod to me in a PM, and if she wanted to hand it out to everybody, she would have posted it here.


I appreciate anyone that comes across this thread because of

, but as I've said it that vid's description, "since I don't really know who the author is, I wouldn't feel right about giving this mod out, so PLEASE DON'T ASK ME TO."



Check out my KOTOR fan vids on YouTube. And no, they're not of legos.

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Choking Mical is a good thing if you are a darksided. Then again light or Dark, I do think he is creepy.
I do find him naive, and ever so peaceful, to the point of being irritating. Makes you wanna shake him or something. I once did the choking thing on Citadel Station, during the Sith attack. I wanted to check out if anyone had anything to say before boarding the Ravager. As far as I remember G0-T0 and Mical were the only ones.
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