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M4-78 mod discussion

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What I wanna know is, will this mod be compatible with the restoration project?

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A few thoughts from one of the M4-78 mod voice-actors . . .


A) Nowhere in the mod author's read-me file does he call the mod a "restoration." Anyone claiming that the mod is a restoration is doing a disservice to the mod author and possible downloaders as they might think they're getting something else than what they're expecting.


B) IS-24 files were probably placeholders, in my humble opinion


C) The "Darth Nihilus vs Darth Sion" YouTube video is not the one featured in the mod. I should know as I'm the one that uploaded that video to YouTube.


D) Stoney intends to have a TSLRP compatible version. Of course for full compatibility, he'll have to wait until TSLRP is released to the general public.



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thanks for the help though what im really interested in is stuff that only ever got to the draft stage and was never in any form added, the user walkerman qouted someone who had a link to over a thousand pages of missning content, but he is dosnet remember who/where this was, that is what i want to read about.

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Since TSLRP is incompatible with mostly everything that is not especially designed to be compatible with it, my guess would be, not at release.


Yeah - I'm going to have to tweak a lot of things when it come out. >_<

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