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I have a question about KOTOR on Vista

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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. But certainly not new to the game KOTOR 2.


Anyways i have a question.


I have heard that KOTOR 2 and Vista have...issues. Such as low FPS during fights, lots of CTD's and glitches.


One thing i am concerned about is the low FPS problem, especially during large battles; along with the CTD's


My computer exceeds recommended system requirement specs, but my friend has a similar unit to mine. and he suffers from huge amounts of lag during fights.


I want to know if my computer's specs will be enough to counteract the low FPS issue...


HP pavilion dv6000 series laptop

Windows Vista Home Premium

AMD turion 64 X2 TL-56 ~1.82GHZ

2 GB DDR2 notebook RAM

nVIDIA Geforce Go 6150 with 128MB vRAM

Conexant Sound Card (onboard i believe)


I really want to play this on my computer (my xbox 360 got the RSoD) until i get a new xbox or another computer at about fall season


Thank you for your time

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i have vista to, i have to run it 600x800 with no textures, or else it runs so choppy, and it still runs choppy on koriban, and the game crashes alot on mines, plus it will crash 2-3 times before ever even getting to the title screen

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I tried to get KotOR to work on my Vista desktop this weekend. Following the procedure described here, I got it to install and run fine, except there is no sound.


(I installed it on my older XP laptop instead, where everything works well on minimum settings until the GPU gets too hot and the framerate nosedives.)

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I also run my K1 and K2 on a laptop so I understand why you are worried, but it depends on what you define as playable. With the low fps during fights i find (i don't have them with mine) don't matter much because of how the turn based system works just press the space bar every time you hit them. For if your computer can run it I think it can but you might want to check out system lab requirements here is a link. I will post my spec below. Hope this helps.


Window Vista Home Premium SP1

Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 2.0 Ghz

2GB 667 mhz ram

Nivida Geforce Go 7900 GS

Sigmantel Audio


P.S. I get about 40 Fps at 1024x768 with 16x AF and 8x AA

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You have a point about that auto-pause option, and my computer passes the minimum and recommended req's, halfway between recommended line and max.


The low FPS i read about also happens during regular gameplay. I have checked out the Vista fix earlier and i will download it soon.


Also, seeing that I have a dual-core processor (AMD turion 64 X2 TL-56) i read on this forum that KOTOR reacts badly with dual-core processors.

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I have never had the duel core problem (and mine is a duel core) but most the case's (if not all) I have seen is on desktops processors. If you get the problem then it is an easy fix but takes a few seconds. Just bring up task manager, click show processes from all users, right click swkotor2.exe and select set affinity, deselect one of the core's and you are done. The only problem is that you have to do it every time.

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