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Killing Kreia (Jedi Master)

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Killing Kreia at the end of the game with force powers only can be difficult, since her save DCs are incredibly high. I never attack enemies unless I can ensure a 100% spell success. The only way to do this while fighting Kreia is to enervate her. There are several enervation spells in Kotor 2, unfortunately Obsidian misnamed them, which is confusing:


- Master force scream: all saves reduced by 3

- Choke (NOT Kill!): fortitude save reduced by 2, often cumulative when choke is used several times in a row

- Plague: all saves reduced by 1


Here are Kreia's stats:


level: 22

fortitude: 58

reflex: 51

will: 60


Kreia is also immune to fear and paralysis, so there are only two ways to prevent her from attacking you: Choke and the second level of force push (not third, which stuns enemies!).


Kreia's potential hit die is 78 against fortitude spells: fortitude 58 + potential roll of 20. Meaning, you'd need a DC of at least 79 to ensure 100% spell success if you intend to choke her to death.


This is hardly possible. My best character I ever had had a choke DC of 75: level 30, Wisdom 62, Charisma 27. That's as much as you can have in this game, unless you are cheating.


So first, we have to reduce Kreia's fortitude:


1) Use plague on Kreia:


potential roll of 20 + fortitude 58 = DC 78 vs. DC 100: 100% spell success!


2) Use master force scream:


potential roll of 20 + Will 60 - 1 (plague effect) = DC 79 vs. Master force scream DC 80: 100% spell success!


3) Use Choke:


potential roll of 20 + fortitude 58 - 1 (plague effect) -3 (force scream effect) = DC 74 vs. Choke DC 75: 100% spell success!


4) Use Choke again:


potential roll of 20 + fortitude 54 + 1 (plague effect wears off by now) - 2 (choke effect) = DC 73 vs. Choke DC 75: 100% spell success!


From now on Kreia's DC will constantly decrease, every time you use choke, ensuring 100 % spell success.


Here are 2 screenshots, one male, one female character, both jedi masters, both Wisdom 62, Charisma 27, both level 30:





Equipped items:


Ossus robe: 4 Wis, 2 Cha

Saresh circlet: 5 Wis

Med gloves: 2 Wis

two pontite crystals: 4 Cha (two lightsabres are being used)

Karbur crystal: 3 Wis

personal crystal: 5 Wis

mentor belt: 2 Wis

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Be warned, though, that Traya's level and abilities scale to the Exile's, so she'll be level 22 only if the Exile is too. Indeed, the game seems to make her a mirror-image of the Exile with regards to levels, feats, abilities and force powers, except with about twice as many hit points.


In short: Whatever abilities you have, she is likely to have as well, so plan your strategy accordingly.

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The autobalance system in the game seems to be one of the things that suffered from the deadline constraint syndrome. This is especially glaring with enemy saving throws reaching absurd values once you break the 20th level barrier. I'm guessing this is due to a lack of time to polish details and fine-tune the system, combined with the devs' awareness of the amount of uber-cheese combinations possible in the game. The game doesn't care about your individual stats, it only takes into consideration your level, and buffs mobs in proportion, in a very blunt and generic way. Funny, because even without the cheese, you can still cut a swath through anything the game throws at you without much trouble...


I just edit the 2da and tone saves down to reasonable levels, myself, rather than bothering with raising my WIS and CHA scores to ludicrous values.

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It is indeed true that enemies level up when you character levels up, this is for example true for Visas when you encounter her for the first time, but it doesn't seem to affect Darth Traya, because my character is level 30, while she is level 22. I know that, because she always fails to break through my force immunity when she tries to use force powers on me:


Darth Traya uses Force Wave


Force Resisted! Roll 20+level 22 vs. level 30 + force immunity 15 =45


so it's 42 (at most) vs. my force resistence 45


Every time I fight Nihilus, he's got a fortitude of 45, which is a joke. I don't even need to cast Master Valor to choke him to death:


roll 20 + 45 vs. my character's DC 73 at that point in the game.


Killing Sion is easy, you just need a very high Persuade skill to make him doubt himself. If you are female, you can bitch around a bit, bewitching him. If you are male, just say that Kreia hates him and his constitution, fortitude and will saves will drop like mad. You can do this four times, if you also use master force scream, plague and choke to enervate him, his fortitude will drop to 25 at the end of the final battle, shortly before he dies

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i've never worried too much about savings throws etc


i just poke the badguys with my jedi glowstick and they fall over


though i always did like using Plague, then Kill :)

when your mind works against you - fight back with substance abuse!

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For me, it's Force Wave, the Force Storm.


Then Force Storm again.


Then repeat as necessary.


Honestly, you can waltz straight though the Trayus Academy (as a sentinel/jedi master) using only that combination dropping all opposition but Sion and Traya unrestricted, eliminating a lot of highly boring swordfights...

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Well, if you spend much of your life playing Kotor it's no wonder you find the game pretty easy even at high difficulty levels; combat is not the best part of a game like this though, or the only worthwhile aspect. I didn't have an easy time battling Traya the first time I played, then I figured what it takes.

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I can't really see the point of using enervation spells such as Plague / Master Force Scream / Choke when you could simply outright "Kill" her after activating your Master Valor. The difference between a 100% success and a 90% success is simply not considerable. 




Also my character has 55 Wisdom & 25 Charisma and the reason why my Force DC is 77 is because i used Force Mastery.

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