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Warhammer 40k RP: Dark Heresy

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Let us know how it went!


3 months later ( :teehee:): It's been going really well! But sadly we've had to break for the summer as our Inquisitor is busy for the summer (as we all are). My class is an Arbitrator which isn't terrible but I really wanted the Assassin (our GM doesn't want people having the same class which makes sense as we're a group of 4 players).


Looking forward to starting up again because.... we're going on a SPACE HULK  :w00t:

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My class is an Arbitrator which isn't terrible but I really wanted the Assassin 


Assassins are awesome, but if I had to choose between an Arbitrator and an Assassin, I'd choose the former 9 times out of 10. They are very broadly competent and generally useful to have around, while the assassin has a very specific skillset (killing stuff and being sneaky), outside of which they don't get much.

"Lulz is not the highest aspiration of art and mankind, no matter what the Encyclopedia Dramatica says."


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Enjoyable session of Rogue Trader last night using my own house rules, a really nice welcome back to the hobby. Didn't get much past character creation and an introduction to the basics of the setting. The main base of operations for the Prayg family of traders, (who were granted their charter by the Lord Commander Solar Macharius himself,) is a vast space hulk/station (The Rapture of Immolation) orbitting a fertile and habitable moon, that shows signs of heavy assault in the past. There are ruins of an unknown origin but the request for identification and exploration has been caught up in the bureaucratic labyrinth of the Imperium, and a thriving trade in Xenotech and artifacts has arisen.


The Rapture of Immolation meanwhile has its own problems, with a hidden but daring heretical cabal of cultists operating in the depths of the hulk, a growing population of cannibalistic mutants, an Ork Kruiser manned with mischievous Freebooters who call the port home and seem a bit too civilised and friendly, and a new garrison of zealous defenders getting used to life away from the battlefield. The latter are soldiers of the Death Corps of Krieg, a full company of such under the command of the iron hard Colonel Mannstein. There are also House Prayg's usual guards, an easily bribable and sloppy mix of conscripts and pdf, whom are more apt to run than fight in any serious engagement.


There are three players: Secundus Prayg, a merchant and commander who has lead the operations and adventures in this quadrant for twenty years. He was hideously injured in an attack by chaos cultists less than a year ago, and has only just emerged from the medicae facilities. He has extensive bionics holding him together, which are not yet fully integrated with his organic systems, so that he is not too op. He carries a bolt pistol and attacks with his bare hands if necessary, which may become upgraded over time to resemble power fists but for now are merely close combat weapons. His main skills are in command, dialogue, intelligence and planning, though his manner has hardened and grown quite sullen since his injuries were sustained. Tall, gaunt, pale, with disturbingly pale grey eyes typical of the Prayg's and a shaven head, apart from a black topknot of hair, with long luxurious black mustaches he is quite fond of stroking.


The next is Tertius Prayg, a gambler, pilot, ladies man and gunslinger. Basically a Han Solo rip off. A ready grin, laughing grey eyes, an unruly mop of fairly short black hair and the latest fashions he can purchase from the more connected planets. He shirks responsibility but is quite naturally gifted, something that his brother Secundus, whom has struggled for everything he has gained, detests. Carries twin pearl handled laspistols, that he likes to add mods to whenever he has the time or opportunity, and a combat knife that he hides down a boot. Has an easy charm that is useful in some dialogues, is not particularly clever or well read, is a quite fantastic pilot with his own shuttle that he says he won in a card game, but really his father gave him as he is a favourite. Tertius is quite able in a conflict situation, though a little headstrong and daring. He enjoys ribbing Secundus but actually quite respects his brother, though he would never tell him.


The third character is a little exotic, a Squat mechanic/engineer and rifleman called Mr Fingers, for his manual dexterity. Serving as a bodyguard and watchful eye over Secundus, it was Finger's who hauled the wounded captain to safety and fought off the chaos cultists, with the help of grenades and high calibre bolter rounds. The Prayg's might have lost a trading ship when Finger's fled in a shuttle, but the cultists lost their lives as Secundus had allready set the self destruct in operation. Finger's is a genius when it comes to tech, though keeps a low profile when the agents of Mars are anyway around. He carries a Squat version of a Stalker pattern Bolter, that is identical in all but looks and holiness. He also carries a large amount of grenades and explosives as well as a vast array of tools that can serve as close combat weapons in a pinch. He is very large for a Squat, standing at five feet exactly, heavily muscled and tough, with a shaven head, a small blond goatee and eyes of blue. he is most often covered in dirt and oiled, with permanently discoloured hands and nails.


To begin with the players were gathered by Primus Prayg on the Rapture of Immolation to make themselves useful while Secundus was recovering, there were three matters to be resolved, the fealty of the Ork Freebooter's to be sworn as has become tradition, the investigation of Xenotech that has been turning up on the station, and lastly the hunting down of the chaos cultist's whom have been growing daring in the last year or so since Secundus' injury. The Ork's were the easiest to find and so our little party began their adventures there, going to meet Kaptain Blud along with Colonel Carl and his Guards.


Nice little bit of alternating comedy and conspiracy ensued, with my best pirate accent coming into use, as well as the usual Orkspeak. The Ork's capitulated far too easily, hardly requiring any bribes at all and acting far too friendly, showing far too many teeth. Colonel Carl broke with protocol to threaten the Xenos filth with death if they put one step out of line, but Kaptain Blud laughed it off and swore to obey the master of the Rapture. We ended the session there.


Edit: I've given Colonel Carl my most outrageous German accent, along with the manners and stiff bearing of Prussian aristocracy, it seemed right somehow.

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Quite an experience to live in misery isn't it? That's what it is to be married with children.

I've seen things you people can't even imagine. Pearly Kings glittering on the Elephant and Castle, Morris Men dancing 'til the last light of midsummer. I watched Druid fires burning in the ruins of Stonehenge, and Yorkshiremen gurning for prizes. All these things will be lost in time, like alopecia on a skinhead. Time for tiffin.


Tea for the teapot!

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...So, actual plays...


They're useful as memory aids on the short term, reminders of the cool stuff you did on the long term, and GM/player CVs. I also couldn't help but notice that mine seems to be regularly viewed by a 100-ish people (or so I presume), which points at the fact that they might provide entertainment even to those who were not actually involved in the game.


So given my fondness for these, my other Dark Heresy group (the one I'm a player in) asked me to serve as a chronicler to our game. I've agreed on the condition that there needs to be an outside interest in our misadventures, because even my exhibitionism/narcissism has limits.


So I'm asking here. Would anybody be interested in another actual play, similar to the Enigma, but this time from a player's perspective?

"Lulz is not the highest aspiration of art and mankind, no matter what the Encyclopedia Dramatica says."


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