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two quick questions

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Hes just fun to play with. With Mira, you can change her to a Dark Jedi, give her mad FP, and have her spam Force Storm while you go in with your Saber(s). e tole!



I usually get Mira because I can't help but be Lightsided most of the time, but Hanharr is a lot of fun because he's... different. Ya, you can make Mira a Jedi, but I find I already have enough of those, and also WAY too many humans. Mira should be a Twi' Lik or something :p

I think theres a mod for that :sorcerer:



Ya, I 've already got it, I just didn't want to be too obvious about it :shifty: Also, whoever created that mod changed her name to Mission, and I didn't reallly like that for a number of reasons. Mostly cuz she's NOT Mission.

i get that but...it seems you have stolen a computer from the guards at the insanity house... :ermm:

Revan is not just a Sith...his path has cut a swath of fear through the galaxies.learn to serve him,or regret your mistake.Pain is a virtue : )

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Okay, so i was going on my second playthrough right? This time, handmaiden did not join my party when i left the polar region, so the question I want to ask is, if you're a female, does the handmaiden not join your party? also, do certain people only join your party depending on your gender? Thanks!



no, if you are female you don't get the hand maiden, and yes depending on gender and alignment certain people join you.

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