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K2 on the XBOX 360

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Buy the PC-version. Better soundquality(after the patch), better graphics and smooth framerate. And better yet, wait for TSRP.

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The first time i played KOTOR 2 i played it on X360, sure it had some frame rate issues and battle sounds would some times go on the blink but other than that it was fine.


Have you checked the disk for scratchs?

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That is the downfall of the X360. Terrible reverse compatibility. I like the system better than Wii or PS3 even though its got its bugs. Any idea about original Xbox preformance? I've noticed some errors where the subtitles don't match speech or where you can't interface with some objects. This was more like an oversight: most people playing TSL don't know calculus but the door on Nar Shadda- the Hutt's warehouse door that goes to the control room is impossible to even figure out what rotating a block means much less solving the puzzle. KOTOR 1 did much better in the number puzzles. Not easier, better. I ended up shooting the control with T3-M4 to open the door. (Also I just ran past the HK-50 assassins :rolleyes: )

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