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Strange Problem

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I just purchased KOTORII and installed it today. The first time I installed it, I immediately patched it and tried to run it. The program accessed my hard drive for a few seconds and crashed without any error message. I played around with turning movies off, sound off and different resolutions. I finally decided to re-install and try again.


The second time, I ran the game before I applied the patch. It ran just fine. I got bold and re-applied the patch. The game crashes shortly after I attempt to run it, now.


I am running Windows XP, dual-core Intel processor, and an Nvidia 8600GT graphics card with up-to-date drivers.


Several questions for anyone who may have an idea...


1) Any idea why The patch game will not run while the unpatched game runs fine?


2) Will I be able to complete this game if I don't patch it?


3) Are there other prior patches that I could download and try my luck?

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Ironically, the patch doesn't fix any in-game bugs, it is supposed to fix some hardware incompatibility issues. If it works better without the patch, you shouldn't really miss out on anything by just playing it.


Personally, I would recommend the "media" patch and a collection of bug fixes from Team Gizkas homepage.

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You are more likely to get INTO trouble with the patch, without Gizka's fixed (cheat node)




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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2) Will I be able to complete this game if I don't patch it?

I played it without any patches, and didn't encounter a single problem.


Same here. Never patched TSL, but it finished it a number of times with different character builds and in different ways.


Short version: If it runs unpatched on your system, then don't worry about it.


Indeed, I've heard patching it brings up glitches at times and thus chose never to patch it myself.

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