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question about CD / DVD diff?

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was just wandering i've got 4CD version of the game and i was wandering if there is a DVD version of the game ? switching cd's during installation can bug me sometimes :thumbsup:


also is there any diff between the versions of the game? mine was first version that came out i think..i have to update it with 2 patches..1.0a and 1.0b, but i though maybe DVD version is allready 1.0b or whatever..


any info on that?

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I believe the DVD versions are restricted to certain games, like my first copy of Battlefront 2 when it was released was a DVD (having bought the game 4 times already...dont ask), yet since then I've never seen another, same goes for KOTOR.


The only real difference is that for a DVD based copy of the game, your PC needs an actual DVD-Rom bay and the disc will not work in a regular CD-rom bay. And the obvious difference of 1 disc to 4 discs.



As far as I can tell, there is no substantial (or any at all) difference between the two types.

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The only difference is that a dvd can hold more information. The best of star wars dvd collection contains 5 games on 2 dvds. I think Kotor and empire at war are on one disk and Acadamy, batlefront, and cammando are on another. plus it comes with a galaxies demo on it's own dvd.

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