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hk47 and hello

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"unsure introduction" i am hk47 well not really but who cares

i am completely new to this forum and have only just started knights of the old republic two and really do not know how to wake up my all time favourite meat bag busting heroe from the original game

well please help

and hello every one

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Hi, and welcome to the forums. :)


You'll be able to wake HK-47 up later in the game, once you've found all the bits you need. He's definitely worth it.

thanks i have now found two of the parts nd am now on Nar Shadda. Is there a piece there and how good is he once he gets activated?


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That was exciting. I'd just be bored, looking for a cool blaster at some shop then I see "HK Control Cluster" or what have you, and go "Yippie!" purchase it right away and go install it. Whenever you install a part, HK-47 looks up for a split second then goes hunched over again I've noticed. Minor bug I suppose.


ADDED: Well not "bored" but you know what I mean.

ADDED2: BTW, hello hk47.

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Nar Shaada is where you can tie up all kinds of ends. HK-47 and a lightsaber(Although I won't get into that much detail)


After Telos, go to Nar Shaada, and in the Aqualish Merchant (Look for the alien with the droid that looks like T3, but orange), he has a part. Go through the main quest, and you'll fight more HK-50s with T3. (Much easier then it sounds). one of them has the Chassis.




Part of Rise of the Sith TSL Mod

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