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sealed room inside sith academy

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Only if you had chosen Revan as darkside at the beginning of the game.

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You just need to get thorium charges from inside one of the rooms in the academy itself, then if you chose DS male revan you get a holocron of bastila, otherwise the holocron is dead. Other option is to get thorium from the rodian outside khoonda (the one who sells droid junk).

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I personally think that unless you git both sets then save the ones in the acadamy for the weppons cache on duxon. There's alot more loot in the Mandolorian cashe then the acadamy roam.

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That's what I thought. No, they're talking about Kotor 2. Kotor1 allows you to play as a male or a female and reach one of two endings, either light-side or dark-side. Right at the start of Kotor 2, you have a conversation with Atton about Revan, in which you get to tell Atton whether Revan was male or female, LS or DS. This allows you to feel that you're continuing to play the same game in the same universe, and affects a few things during Kotor 2 including whether or not you can get this holocron.

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As Steve said, the holocron thing depends on the answers you gave Atton way back at the beginning of the game, when he was held in the Peragus mining facility.


Depending on your answers then, there is either nothing to do in the room (it will say something like the explosion damaged the holocron or similar) or, again depending on your conversation back then, there will be a small cinematic, showing Bastila giving you some information about what has happened since Kotor1.


In any case, it isn't essential, just a nice catch up with some events.

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