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how to get a lightsaber on dantooine

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Sorry if this has been asked already ...






according to the walkthrough I should be able to construct a lightsaber by the end of the Enclave on Dantooine. But I'm still missing a lens (only). I have the crystal from the crystal cave, and I already talked to Jadoor (sp?) and bought the stuff he had, but I'm still missing this lens. Where can I get it? Any help would be much appreciated!

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You git light saber parts and later light sabers after completing major quest. If all you need is a lens then you should git it after you finish Dantoine. Do you have vissas yet because you git a piece after fighting her.

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You'll get Jorran's part as you kill him, or give exit from the Kath Hounds.


If you forged the Will and give it to Zherron you get another part (and you're done.)


If you meet Visas in your ship afterwards you get a whole saber (if a part, you'll get a full saber with above)



(Also; later on you get a part after dealing/helping Vrook)


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