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I need Serious help

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Now I know what your thinking, your thinking "oh, he's talking about the front door", well, not this time, here's the problem.

OK, you know the part where you eliminate the exchange leader on telos (light side)? Well he's supossed to send 2 droids to attack you, only this time, the door shuts immeadiatly after the cutscene, and when it's shut and you click on it (since this is the pc version), it just saya that it's locked can someone help me please?




1) this is a part of the game that I don't know about


2) this is a glich


Posible solutions-


1) if this is a part of the game I don't know about, can someone tell me what to do next?


2) Is there a mod that makes it so his door is open (to bypass the glich)


Thank you for your time.

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Okay, here's where I am and how far i've gotten.


Location-Cidital station (Telos)


Things i've done on Telos-


1) Got my stuff back

2) Gave droid intelligance to the ithorians (like I did last game)

3) Showed the ithorians and TSL commander Grenn the hold-out blaster.

4) Accepted a mission to assassinate the exchange leader on telos from the pink woman at the cantina


Things I did at the Exchange offices-


1) entered building

2) spoke with the greeter by the door

3) went into the room where the leader is

4) killed the people in their and rechreaved the guys blaster (the one who was standing next to the exchange leader)

5) go into the next room where the gammorian guards are, and spoke to the one who's next to the door by the panel

6) there is a cutscene where there are droids in his room, but when the cutscene ends, the door immeadiatly shuts and is locked.


I hope this is enough information for you ;)


FYI - I did everything in the order I listed them. and to answer your last question, I spoke with the pink woman at the cantina if that's what you mean (she's the one by the bar with 2 gammorian guards with her).

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It IS a bug... not fixed by the patch.


To overcome it try the Whereami armband mod, it allows to open locked doors, allowing you to continue. There should be a link in the FAQ under the "Locked door on Nar Shaddaa (or somesuch) bug"




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