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Star Wars Series

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Hello everyone. I just became a member of this forum and I like it . It seems very complete. Anyway i'm just wondering if anyone has any good information about the anticipating stars tv series. I search it on google but couldn't come up with a lot of information except that it is coming out in 2009(so they say :( ). I was just wondering the following . . .


-Main charracters




Any information on this will be greatly appreciated. Note: Sorry if this was already posted. I am still figuring out how to use* this forum.


*only word I could think of at the time

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so far the only thing we know is that it's cgi and based off the art direction from clone wars.

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There will be two series actually.


One in 3D style named "again" Clone Wars


And a TV series with live-actors which will be in between episodes 3 and 4. This will mainly focus on secondary characters and not the movie ones.

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From what I've heard GL has already started filming at least one of the SW TV series, but he's having a problem finding a channel who's willing to show it. This may sound strange-after all SW is very well known so you'd assume TV execs would be falling over each other to get it-but it does seem that it is somewhat more 'adult' than prior SW TV stuff, and no one is quite sure where it would fit into the running orders-its to adult for early slots and to kiddie for late night. What could be implied as good news from this is that if GL has already started shooting it does seem that LA is not beholden to any TV channels as regards content, so if he has a long running plot in mind (which no doubt he does) he can create it without anyone else interfering with it. This could be a good thing since it means we'll get to see exactly what GL has in mind, but it could also be a bad thing since (Given some of the questionable parts of SW of late) no one is going to be able or maybe willing to point out the flaws.


It would seem that the shows should be finished and ready for showing for 2009, but it is currently unknown if they will be shown on TV at that time. It all depends on if LA can find someone willing to screen it, and at the moment that doesn't seem to be the case.


This is the rumour I've heard anyway-I forget from where-so how much of this is true and to what degree is anyones guess.

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