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Jedi Sense ?

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There's something I don't understand about the Jedi Sense feat.

My level has just increased from 12 to 13, but my defense has not. I thought the jedi sense feat

allowed a +2 defense increase every 6 levels, i.e., at levels 1,7 and 13. So what's wrong ?

I'm a lvl 13 Guardian, btw.



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When skills or feats increase every few levels they refure to the levels since that character became a Jedi-Otherwise the moment you Jedify a party member they would get whatever feats their class gets right up to their current level, which would totally unbalance the game.


In the case of the main character you don't start as a Jedi, or at least you have no force powers/class feats until you reach level two. Hence the first defence bonus is at level 2, not level 1, so you should gain the bonuses at levels 2, 8, 14 etc.

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