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Occasional slow downs

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Hi all,

I'm currently in the Peragus station and I have the following problem:

In certain areas, always the same (3 areas so far), I experience a slow down when looking at a very specific direction. In the other directions, there are no slow downs. The slow down is important but not dramatic, it's still playable. I haven't measured it, but I'd say the FPS drops to 15 FPS.

Apart from those areas, the FPS is quite good. I play with FSAAx4 and anisotropicx4, all settings high, but no soft shadows. And yes, I have the disable object vertex buffer=1 in

my .ini file. I tried disabling FSAA, anisotropic filtering and Frame Buffer Effects, with no effect. I have a mobility radeon X700 with 128mb, 1042m RAM and a pentium m740 (HP dv 4275EA). I also have the latest HP driver for the graphics card installed.

Thxs in advance,


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I think the problem is with the graphics card, Radeon cards are not, in my experience, the best cards to use, plus 128mb is maybe not quite good enough to be playing at maximum settings regardless of what the auto configure program is telling you. (It once set the graphics to high even though the card in question only had 64mb ram) My advice would be to lower the detail settings one notch, but be aware that you will probably get lag in one or two areas regardless-I always get some lag when controling T3 no matter what the graphics options are set to.

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