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Just farm them to your hearts content :bat:




Dawes ain't too bright. Hitting rock bottom is when you leave 2 tickets on the dash of your car, leave it unlocked hoping someone will steal them & when you come back, there are 4 tickets on your dashboard.
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Just as we were leaving Dxun for Onderon, they came and they haven't stopped yet. Do they ever stop??? thier stealthed.


What?! That never happens to me! I always drag it out as long as I can (by killing 2 or 3 groups) and then get a cut that forces me to go. ITS NOT FAIR!! :unsure:

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i know!!! id go forever if i could. i have all these happy moments with my experience points and mandalore is like my guys will finish this and im like noooo

"She was short, she was furry, she was loud, and she was determined to sell him a melon"- random passage from Spector of the Past by Timothy Zahn

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Like Darth Mortis says, just head towards the building with Mandalore and the spawning will stop. If you don't go near the building then they don't stop.


It does stop even if you dont get close, some of the time i dont even leave the first section before i get summoned away

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