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another crashing thread

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first off, i'm not a pc gamer. i played kotor on the xbox but my xbox fried and i never got to finish. that is probably why i bought kotor2 for my laptop instead of a console. i think i made a mistake. when i run the system scan and everythings fine except i don't meet the recommended specs for the graphics card. the scan says i have an.. intel 945gm express chipset family 128mb.. i just know its completely stock. i knew the game wouldn't look as smooth going into it but i bought it anyway. so i started it up, made a character.. everything looked ok.. and after the opening the camera pans down to a planet and as the scene starts the screen wigs out and the game crashes. its crazy, it reminds me of the old 8-bit nintendo cartridges, just a bunch of random colored squares. i've searched the forums, and i know i need a new graphics card, but would that really make it crash like that? i've tried running it on low res, turning off movies. any help is appreciated.

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Yes, the graphics card is almost certainly the reason the game is crashing. First of all many games (including KOTOR) don't like laptops very much and either don't work, or have loads of problems. Second Intel chipsets are.....lets just say KOTOR doesn't seem to like them at the best of times, and an intel card in a laptop graphics card is asking for trouble.


Not much help I'm sorry to say, your best bet might be to check out the Lucasarts message boards-there should be a link in the FAQ section-and look at their technical section. I seem to recall seeing something on Intel graphics cards on there, and if not you can always ask.

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Your graphics card probably doesn't support hardware accelerated transform & lighting, which this game requires to run. If that is the case, this is almost certainly the cause of your trouble.


You could try installing newer graphics drivers (and then reinstall the latest version of DirectX), but I have a feeling that won't help you. Sorry.


Look on the bright side: your laptop can probably run Civilization 3 without much problem. :blink:

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Try this:

Intel Chipsets:

After finishing the game with a light sided finish, I wanted to do a Dark Sided run through. I have cheap laptop like I mentioned before so I decided to do the Dark Sided profile on that laptop. Since my chipset, which is an Intel 945GM absolutely sucks, I couldn't run the game without any tweaking.

First I downloaded the 1.0b patch, then got 3D-Analyze (DL here). Open up 3DA, click select, find your TSL executable, and open it. Then in the "Hardware Limits (cap bits)" box, check off "emulate HW TnL caps." Click Run and you should be good to go! I haven't tried any graphics settings other than the lowest ones so far.

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