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Unlocking Movies

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I have been trying to unlock the last 5 movies in the pc version of kotor II. I have been both extreme light and dark side users, but my final battle are still on the Raveger, Trayus Acadamy and Trayus Core. I can't seem to be able to find any way to take the game in a different direction. Does somebody knows anything that would be helpful? ;)

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I don't think you can take the game in any other direction. K2 was badly hacked as LA released it before all the work on the game was done, which has lead to loads of content being missing-as well as a shed-load of bugs. There quite a few files of the missing content on the game disks which (I'm told) you can get access to.


If you want a different ending to the ones you've seen so far you'll have to wait for the restoration Project to be compleated. They have (and are) working to bring back as much of the missing content as possible, which includes different endings to the game.

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No movies however. The five (or six if you have the High-Quality patch) include the 3 intro screens (OE, LA, Splash Screen) and 2 movies not shown ingame (a flyby of Goto's ship above Nar Shadda and an 50% mines version of the Khoonda Assault (altough that one MAY be in after all... but who ever disables just one set of mines?))




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