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Hello all, first post. :sorcerer: I have never downloaded a mod before, and would very much like to start. However, I'm a little confused at the moment. I downloaded a mod, Darth Revan's robes (no surprises there) into my override folder, but am I supposed to write it into the cd? When I try, I get a message telling me that the kotor cd is full. Or am I supposed to reinstall the game? And if it works, how do the mods like robes, lightsaber hilts, etc. appear on the character? Do they automatically pop up as the game begins? Thanks very much for your help. :)

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Most mods should include a read me file, which tells you how to install them, or there should be a note how to install from where you down load them. The majority of mods just require you to copy a few files into KOTOR's override folder, and thats all. One or two will have an automatic install program that you just double click on and that will do everything else for you. In no case do you need to copy the files to the game cd, I'm not sure you could and it would be a bad idea anyway.


You never need to reinstall KOTOR after downloading a mod, it should require you to download the file, followed possibly by unzipping the folder you downloaded then copying the relivent files to the override folder and just starting and playing the game again. It is hard to say at which point it will become clear what the mod does-or when it will kick in-since there are so many mods out there, and some of them have effects you don't really notice straight away.


Also worth noting a couple of things -One, sometimes mods just don't work-they don't kick in, they crash the game or leave you with annoying bugs. I've downloaded a couple of mods that I could never get to work. If this happens just clean out the override folder and the game should default back to normal.


Any save-games you make while playing with a mod may not work if you remove the mod later on.


If you want to download the Restoration Project in the future you'll have to remove any mods you have-that will not work with any other mods in place we're told.


Have fun, and welcome to the boards.

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