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Check the FAQ section of the forum. But I don't think this is a Vista problem exclusivly....I seem to recall getting that error message under Win 98 before now on other games. If you still have the Vista disk you could try reinstalling Vista if all else fails-it shouldn't delete anything other than your current window settings, as the install program checks to see what programs you already have installed on your computer. Of course if you try this and it fails don't blaime me, I will take no responsibilty if it decides to format your harddrive.


Anyone else with technical knowledge know how to solve this in a simpler way?

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Lord2 posted this some time ago, (I have not idea if it works):


"yes I've.. not with vista buisness but with Ultimate:


1. Install KOTOR2 Manually, (Open the CD. get to properties on setup.exe.

* Set compability with WinXP service pack2

* Run as admin.

2. wait...

3. Install cd 2,3,4 normally.

4. Patch the new KOTOR2 (1.0b)

5. Set proprieties on the swkotor.exe

* Set compability with WinXP service pack2

* Run as admin.

6. Download a new mss32.dll (search google)

7. Replace the old one in the kotor2 directory (or make a bakup of the org.)

8. Run the game :thumbsup.gif:"

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