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Unarmed Critical Hits

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What is the critical hit range and multiplyer for unarmed combat?


Ergo, is Critical Strike a useful feat for unarmed combat?






Does the deflection feat (jedi defense...?) improve the deflection force power (deflection without lightsaber)?

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I don't know what the threat range is but you can git critical hits unarmed. I suggest you cheek the feed back section of journal to see what roll you need to git a critical threat.



As far as force deflection...only the second leval will add a bonus to force deflection rolls.

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Based on standard D20 rules, the Critical Specs of unarmed strikes are 20 / x2 - i.e. it does double damage on a roll of 20 only.


Assuming the KOTOR rule-set stayed true to this, then yes - the critical strike ability will increase the range of this to crit on a 19, 18, or even 17 if you get it high enough to Master.


Regarding Force Deflection, and the Deflection bonuses: my understanding is that Force Deflection simply lets you deflect without a lightsaber - all deflection bonuses (equipment, jedi defence, etc) will still apply in the same way.

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