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Ok from everyone ive talked to they say that the ending movie is Malachor exploding again and the ebon hawk flying off into nowhere....i have yet to get this ending...when i finish i pull a Darth Vador (throwing kreia over the edge of the core) and then the screen going out and showing a view of unknown space..(i play on Xbox btw) so could someone explain this to me?

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play lightside and you will get the ebon hawk flying away.


(the movie of unknown space is the same only with the hawk in it)


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The Exile's voice was stern

"Darth Nihilus, remove your mask"

The Sith Lord slowly raised his hands to his face. In utter shock, the Exile looked upon the face of.....

Jolee Bindo!!



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all you need to do is not kill any of the jedi masters. That means you have to do a couple of LS quests

Your not all ways being honest when your telling the truth.


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I think all you have to be is have a Light Side or Grey Alignment. It does not matter if you kill or save the Jedi, just your alignment.


Dark Side ending is far better than the Light Side ending, IMHO, due to the implications of you "inheriting the dark throne".

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