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NFL Season 2007


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"Giants LOLZ! Dallas is a more worthy team to go to the big game"


Losers are never worthy.


This super bowl is gonna awesome. Even more awesome because of all the whiners over the Patriots' cheating (which they were already punished for), and the Giants who had 'no chance' against TB, Dallas, and GB supposedly. Pundits always cry foul when their 'solid' predictions come true.


Best super bowl ever because I actually won't mind too much if the favorite NE team wins. Losing to Brett 'Trying To Be A Hero' favre would have been shameful.


Another Manning in the SB. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!




P.S.S. I still don't like Coughlin; but I give credit where credit is due. He has done well. I only dislike one thing he did in the GB - that wa shim whining like a crybaby aka Dark Raven when the first missed FG too place.


:lol: R00fles! :aiee:

:aiee: R00fles! :aiee:

:aiee: R00fles! :aiee:


Hades was the life of the party. RIP You'll be missed.

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Super Bowl XLII University of Phoenix Stadium, 2/3/2008 6:18 p.m. ET

New England -12 NY Giants Over/Under 54


I'll take the Giants and the under. But New England will pull it out. Hopefully the giants can get some pressure on Brady to make it a competitive game.


After 18 season Junior Seau will finally get his ring :grin:

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I pretty much don't care who wins anymore, I just want to watch House afterwards.

I'm glad the Packers lost because instead of focusing on Sunday I'll be focusing on Tuesday.

Your not all ways being honest when your telling the truth.


Everything slows down when water's around.

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Great game. Patsies messed up on their final drive. Great drive BUT terrible play calling on the goaline, run a play or two and kill the clock.


Giants D-line made the difference, Brady was hit and hit hard and often, it looked like his leg/ankle injury was worse than reported.

Strahan got his ring good for him.

Sorry Junior Seau, great career and a sure hall of famer, that will have to be enough.


I guess cheaters never proper. 72 Dolphins can finally pop the champaign

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Eli, and the Giants are who I thought theyw ere - 2008 Super Bowl champions!


All you doubters can STICK IT!


You can take your Bradys, Favres, and other losers! We'll take our Elis, Strahans, and Rings!!!






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Watching NE fail when it really mattered brought a smile to my face. All of those wins during the season mean nothing if you choke at the big game. :-

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I give my congrats to the Giants, they played their hearts out ... especially on defense.


It's also nice to see an NFC team win the superbowl again.



now if the NFC can win the pro bowl all the better.



BTW what will happen with Moss, espn had an interview with him but I missed it? Will NE resign him? Is he gone? ... I know he's got that florida thing yet.



Who will try and get him if NE doesn't?

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Too funny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jvQNu7QnQtY


Not as funny as the last two Kelverin found, but still pretty good.

"While it is true you learn with age, the down side is what you often learn is what a damn fool you were before"

Thomas Sowell

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