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The Jedi Masters' Locations

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Basically, you go and you save/kill the Jedi Masters, and they of course, know nothing about Atris even living. That's understandable, as it was Atris who (according to the Chrolines) lured Darth Nihlius to Kataar, and wouldn't be over there anyway, self-peserving bastard she is.


You also learn that the Jedi Masters basically went to other planets to hide from the Sith menance, but I don't think they told each other where they have gone...because they didn't want to get caught.


What I was wondering is that T3-M4 was able to find a list of where all the Jedi Masters are located from Atris.


A couple of questions.


1) How did Atris know where all the Jedi Masters are?

2) Why did she keep such information?


Not even KREIA knew that the Jedi Masters were alive. She admits this as such after you killed off all the Jedi Masters (I did not expect them to still live, their existence was knowledge I did not posses.) Obivously, Atris wasn't with the remaining Jedi Masters on the Council, since none of them knew Atris was living...So how did Atris finds out? And why did she want to know this?

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Maybe because each Jedi left a record in the Jedi Temple of where they were going. It does seem a bit strange that they would leave something like that behind, since they are trying to hide and all.


I would assume Atris would keep it to either a) know where to find them so she could get help to stop the Sith, or b) know where to find them so she could eventually kill them.

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The way I saw it was that the remaining Jedi Masters; Atris, Vrook, Zes-Kai-Ell, Kavar and Lonna Vash. All decided in the Jedi temple where they should retreat to to wait for the perfect time to strike against this new Sith threat - Vrook announced he would go to Dantooine and protect the wrecked academy and the crystal caves, Lonna said she would go to protect the tombs and artifacts on Korriban from these new Sith, Kavar wanted to help out Queen Talia for some reason (personally I think that they were doin' it), and Zes-Kai-Ell wanted to drink and gamble on Nah Shaddaa for his own personal benefit.


I assume they all expressed their reasons for their planet choosing to each other before leaving and gave each other the location to find them in case of an emergency or in case they uncovered something about the Sith.


Either that or they were returning to their homeworld's??? All except Lonna anyways unless she was a Sith baby....*clicks fingers* fanfic idea. :thumbsup:

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Perhaps she had sources unknowing of her location and identity.

Sith Recruit: Do you know how many sith there are on this planet?

Jolee Bindo: Twelve! No, wait! Thirteen!

"Commentary: The meatbag speaks without clarity. Detail your involvement or the master will splatter your organs all over the floor."


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As far as Kreia goes, I think she did sense the Jedi's presence (on all but Nar Shaddaa, possibly, because of all the people there like she says). But helping Exile find them was too easy--sort of like giving money to the guy asking for a handout, she felt unless Exile worked for it, he/she would not get stronger. So instead of pointing directly in the right direction, she would always just say, 'let us see where our path takes us.'

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The questions are really interesting. It's been a long time since I played the game, but...


As I recall, Atris was under the influence of the Sith Holocrons from way before the beginning of the game. It's possible the dark side had some method of Jedi detection that the LS Jedi didn't. She seemed to me to be in some kind of delusional state of DS while still believing she was LS. So chances are she simultaneously believed she was keeping the information so she could one day re-unite the old Jedi masters and believed she was keeping the information so she could find and kill them herself. She was nuts, I guess. :dragon:


Edit: added *spoiler warning* to the title. I think that works better than having lots of spoiler tags and blacked-out text.

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It depends on whether the locations were added later.... assuming they were added in case the Order was decimated, but then moustache left the order.... or so he said.

Handmaiden comments saying she had not seen Atris react so strongly to any other, can't remember exactly if she says Jedi, but her saying it made me think Atris had met with other wandering Jedi, or perhaps they were failed Jedi who were aiding in the rebuilding of Telos, but it also made me think that maybe she got the recording of where they went from someone else, perhaps a student of one of the Masters... Since the trial was long before, why were the locations with the trial recording that Atris kept for her weired hero worship? Maybe they prepared for it after the trial as a precaution, Kavar says they tried looking for the Exile but couldn't find himer. Atris's location is also on the recording so.... so many questions.

Either she made it and added her own location unconsciously unless she is so delusional that she doesn't know where she is, or it was already with it when she took either from the library or someone else for.... whatever reason.


Good question.


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Ok, everyone seems to be overlooking the Handmaidens. According to them they were meant to watch Jedi, and Kreia does state that they have been trained to resist Jedi mind tricks-maybe the same training makes them harder for a Jedi to spot. If nothing else that training would probably allow them to get fairly close to a Jedi without setting off any alarms. It is also worth remembering that not only were the Handmaidens good computer hackers-they deleted all the records on the Ebon Hawk on Citidel station-but they also managed to remove that ship from a secured hanger without anyone being the wiser. To me this strongly surgests that they had been trained for covert operations. (That or security on Citidel Station really needs improving)


Since Atris knew the Jedi masters she could have made educated guesses as to where they might decide to go, and she could have sent the Handmaidens off to find the masters. This would explain Dantooine, Nar Shaddar and Onderon. (Although quite how she would know about Korridan is beyond me since I can't see her sending her minions there.) If the Handmaidens knew who they were looking for (Which they did as Atris had recordings of the masters to show the Handmaidens), and they had a fair idea where they might be they could start checking up to see if there was any evidence of the Masters there. If they could hack computer records on the station, they could probably do the same elsewhere and check passager manifests and the like. If they needed to they could have gone to the world in question and taken a look for themselves-since Atris trained them to shield their minds she would probably also have told them about other tricks a Jedi who wants to remain hidden might use. Such information would allow them to filter out which rumours about Jedi were more likely to be true far better than any bounty hunter.

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The masters chose the planets on Coruscant, and that information was kept by Atris along with the holorecord of the Exile's trial, which was intended for Council members alone, all of them. But Telos, Nar Shaddaa and Iziz, are pretty big and crowded places, easy to get lost in and hard to feel Force-sensitives upon, they would remain difficult to track down.

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