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I made an HK-47 desktop theme a (long) while ago which has some sounds (converted from the KotOR 1 files) so take a look and see if there are any you can use:



Pure Pazaak - The Stand-alone Multiplayer Pazaak Game (link to Obsidian board thread)

Pure Pazaak website (big thank you to fingolfin)

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If the above isn't exactly what you want, you can use Miles Sound Tools to directly listen to the wav files stored in the games folders and the free version of WavePad to record/edit whatever snippets you want to use to make your own custom desktop stuff.

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That would be easily solved by going to extra (or tools in some windows versions) and under mapoptions uncheck the "hide extension for known file types"


If you turn them to MP3 (by either manually alter all or use the windows commandbox) you can just run them with WinAmp; which gets my preference for being able to stock loads of files and load them all after each other. Also easier that way to record a clip with individual files... :lol:




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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I tried all of that, I'm pretty sure, but it still didn't work. And no, I'm in no mood to find out at midnight on a snowday.


And besides, I'm not going to die if I don't get the files.



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