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Favourite Class(prestige)

Favourite Class  

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  1. 1. Favourite Class

    • Jedi Weapon MAster
    • Jedi Watchman
    • Jedi Master
    • Sith MArauder
    • Sith Assasasin
    • Sith lord

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I chose master for the ridiculously high wisdom modifier I added to my def with battle precognition. with saber crystals, jal shey meditation gloves and belt, and a circlet of saresh, I attained 32 wisdom (at only lvl 9 master). still pretty weak as I haven't finished the game yet and am still looking for some better wis boosting saber upgrades.

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Jedi Master is my preferred choice but I will choose Sith Lord when I play Dark Side.

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I love Sith Marauder or Jedi Weapon Master both a re extremly fun to play espceially if you were a guardian beforehand. Jedi weapon master has suprerior two hand fihting that rocks. ANd Enlightment is awsome with master flurry I killed atris just by using the default attack(with enlightment). One morereason that I like it is if you have a high dexterity you could see your saber(s) actualy defending against enemy attacks. Since this is only second time playing i will try jedi master for sure next it seems to be really intersting.

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