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How Many planets would you like to see in KOTOR3?

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How many planets do you think you'd like to have in K3? , I'd like to see it bumped up to ten. Do you think thats too many?



Yeah that is proply too much in my opinion but K3 questions go http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=44432

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merge the two threads. problem solved.




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Don't care. There are two ways they can go:


A. More worlds,


B. Bigger worlds


I doubt that you will see both. I see people asking for both. I my opinion eather in fine. As long as it is more. If they just went the route of more planets, you would hear someone say "there is not enough on each planet". If they went the other route they would need to not make it all look the same or ... more problems.


Eather way they should work on making more to be explored so that you don't have to feel the universe is limited to your story line. Try just creating an area so as to have an area.


What I would like to see is stuff that compliments the world. I mean that you see a medical area that has no doctors, no place for doctors to work, no place for supplies and not even something that looks like medical work being done. So how can you beleive it is a hispital? If they would make what they have more real, I would be happy.


P.S. They need to add more people just walking around. I find it hard to believe some of the areas have only 4 people or guards in important areas.

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