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Echani defense

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[The Handmaiden has joined your party. She has Echani defense, which protects her against melee attacks, and is an excellent unarmed fighter.]


She's got no such things as a feature or a power that would meet that line above, no trace of that in the combat feedback either. Am I missing something?

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As far as I can remember, its a Feat that she has that, surprise surprise, protects her from melee attacks!
I have her creature template right before me, again no such feature as Echani Defense exists, you may be talking about Echani Strike which is something else, that one only allows her to deal more damage and knockdown her opponents.
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I can't imagine why Echani strike would protect her, it sounds like an offensive move, and if I recall correctly it (echani strike) was. Knockdown when an unarmed attack caused crit I think.


It is possible that she, fluff-wise, is trained in echani defence(which would mean defence echani-style) and therefore perhaps has a defence bonus.


just a thought

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Could be she should also have had the Wis-to-Def power; like the Exile gets after training... but they forgot to add it?




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This sounds like a confusion.


Echani Strike = added damage in unarmed combat


Battle Precongnition = Wis gets added to your defence in melee - also you can only learn this from Mandmaiden


Sounds like you have a name that is close to Echani Strike and a skill that sounds like Battle Precognition

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