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newb needs help

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my character stops moving when im in the lab. the keys w a s and z dont do diddly squat. i downloaded and installed the patch to fix this problem but no such luck with it. i have an ati radeon express 200 series video driver. everything else 2gig processor 1024 ram 100 gig hd. i can play half life two with no problems mech warrior 4 black no problems. the guy just wont move after about 20 secs or so. no crashing problems nothing like that. any and all help would be great . (w00t)

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Yeah, on Dantooine it lags, only if you're using ATI driver.


Type in this under [Graphics Options]:


"Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1" without quotation marks.


You have to type in this manually because you can't disable it by option menu.


Hope it helps. :-)

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Um not its not ATI drivers.


Whenever you get smoke or steam in either KotOR's I believe, I have only noticed it in K2 though, Dantooine and Peragus being the worse, if you get too close it lags excessively, and the one on Peragus you can get stuck on, if its Peragus thats your problem, keep trying to get out it happened to me and took me a while, but then I didnt want to start the game again. Something to do with the steam using something to do with your processor or some junk I read it somewhere HH said it.

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that didnt not help my problem but thanks anyway. i have that crappy ati xpress 200 video card so no matter what i try it just is not goning to work. i called lucasart and some @#$%^%$## told me that my pc is crap and i should upgrade it. which ticked me off to say the least. my specs are 1024 for ram 3.8 gig processor. with all the fancey bells and whistles. i asked about a patch or something he said that enough people have not complained about it and they are not going to do anything until they do.

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