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KotOR II - What an interesting two years.

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KotOR II - What an interesting two years.

Wow. I just realized that KotOR II has been out for two going on three years. Up until these past few months, the modding community had been going strong. I know from experience that this game is not the greatest, but it does have some pretty cool moments. Just my opinion, but hey we are all here to share our viewpoints.


What is your:

a. Favorite Planet?

b. Favorite Moment?


What planet would you expand upon?


What storyarch would you have emphasised more?


What changes would you have made?

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Fav. Planet: Go to Diego Varen's "Favorite Planet" Thread. You can find it on his sig.


Favorite Moment: Eh, sparring with Handmaiden, and sharing a view with Visas.


Telos. Too many cut contents.


None...It's a good story...


Eh, none...


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One part of game would be Dxun as being favourite. With Dxun, one gets to see rain and other kinds of weather effects apart from other sorts of wildlife on moon which would be unlikely to exist on planets like Dantooine, being ravaged by war. Only thing that was left out of game was music theme that you hear from K2 site in web link to LA. Fighting more of creatures like a zakkeg and other beast/animal challenges would be interesting part of game for me.


There could also have been cave entrances in different parts of Dxun, where hidden artifacts and crystals existed in. Caves were so rarely used, apart from just one Sith tomb on Korriban and another crystal cave on Dantooine. Many side locations were simply left out that could have been used as way of allowing character to uncover long abandoned journals and other ways of telling about past happenings related to Sith lords.

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