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I started the game last week and have been alternating between this and NWN2.


My problem with K2 though is I'm not sure what to do next. Although I don't like a game to hold your hand too much, I have no clue. I have taken the Ithorians quest to escort the droid back to them, however I can't find the area pick him up anywhere on the map, or even how to attempt to do this.


I've also played Pazzak with Het and won, and met Luxa at the Cantina as well, (who I could've sworn wasn't there the first time I went there), however neither her, nor Het have any quests for me.


Now I'm wandering around with no idea what to do. What am I doing wrong?


Thanks a lot.

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The droid in question is the receptionist in the Czerka corporation office.


Luxa's quest has to be triggered by the Ithoridon's first...otherwise she has nothing relevant to say quest-wise. I always played it so Luxa's quest came before the droid part of Ithorian's questline - I don't know if the order matters - I kinda thought the Ithorians told you to talk to her before the droid quest was ever triggered, but maybe there's a way to get to the droid w/out talking to her/doing Luxa's quest.


Anyway, if she's not talking, just do the Droid thing and see what happens from there.


In terms of trying to figure out what to do...I'd suggest writing notes as you go along...particuarly npc names and their locations (all of them, not just ones that "seem important"), so when people say "go talk to..." you can reference your notes and at least know where the person is. Beyond that...it's mostly just paying close attention to what you read.


Or reading the gamefaq walkthru if you get desperate. Or asking here. :rolleyes:

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Thanks for the help.


My problem was that I didn't know about the shuttle that I could use to get to hangar 126. I guess I missed it at first. Once I got there everything seemed to fall into place. DOH!


The story doesn't seem as spoon fed as K1 which is a good thing, however somtimes I amaze myself at my stupidity. ;)


I just need to pay more attention to what is going on in this game compared to K1 which I'll start doing now.


Thanks again!

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If you stuck on something, Check this out.


Very good walkthough, though.

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Assuming that you do get to speak to Luxa after escorting a droid for Ithorians from hangar where their shuttle is, she asks you to get rid of Loppak Slusk for her in Exchange quarters. It will be quite a fight, although it is nothing close to NWN2's difficulty. Then, after speaking to Ithorian leader Chodo Habat, go to cantina and ask about getting droid from Czerka, and there will be a need to get credentials from Duros droid vendor in one of residential apartment rooms. Show his credentials to the droid and ask him to follow you back to Chodo. Will leave rest to you to explore.

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