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Just beat the game, what was your level...

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I've always endded 27-29 but never 30 I always thought 30 was the max because that were my straratgy guid ends at I guese i was wrong


as far as gaining expirence you have to find which method yields the most exp

Setinels will leval somewhat faster from thier small boost.


To max exp always have Kriea with you for her mentor bonuse


thier are also the mine exp glitch that lets you gain exp for recovering your own mines when you return to an area were you planted them

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I can't remember but I know it wasn't very high. Somewhere around the norm without whatever EXP you would get from the Jek Jek Tar and G0T0's yacht, I would think.







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Level cap is 50

How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.

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I'm pretty sure the highest I got to without using KSE to get 50 was 31 or 32. It would be insane to get to 50 without using something to unfairly influence your experience. Though if you had enough patience, you could click that dead body in the cave on Korriban a few million times and try that way :D .



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